Grammar of Nepali Language

Nominal inflection in Nepali

Nepali has 6 or 7 (depending on grammars) main functions that are equivalent to what other languages describe as cases. Note that direct objects and indirect object function have the same particule (-lai). Nominative: subject function - no suffix affixed Ø Accusative: direct object function (answering the question "who", "what") - adding the suffix -lai Dative: indirect object (answering the question to who, to what) - adding the suffix -lai Intrumental: function showing "by the mean of..." - adding the suffix -le Ablative: function showing the origin - adding the suffix -bata Genitive: function of noun complement "of" - add the suffix - ko Locative: function of adverb of place - adding the suffix -maa The addition of post-position is extremely similar to nominal inflection but the main difference is that adding postposition doesn't involve particular function sets by the grammar. We can therefore say "nepal-ko barema - about Nepal". To know more Book of the Nepali language "