Learn Nepali language

Learn nepali language


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(10 lessons in .pdf and 4h15 of audio material in .mp3)


Travel in a new way! Speak Nepali now!

Nepali language is the main language of the kingdom of Nepal and is spoken by all people of this country. Nepali is also considered to be the “Lingua Franca” of South Himalaya.

This site offers a ressource to learn Nepali language for travel. The E-Book offers a deep introduction to spoken language and the recording of 4h15 will help you to really understand the language and practicing the pronunciation.

The Nepaleses are very proud of their language and learning will allow you to get in touch with the unique and authentic culture of Himalaya and nepalese people. Few foreigners bother to learn nepali language and those who do are rewarded because Nepaleses are very happy of this effort. As long as you stay a while at the same place, you'll quickly be famous if you speak Nepali. Trekkers who traveled to Nepal are usually very keen to learn a little Nepali before returning to the country. To do so, we invite you to
download the Nepali course right now. Few ressources are available to learn Nepali but since the availability of “Introduction to Nepali Language” there are more westerners that learn Nepali Language.


Learn Nepali language by downloading this course for as less as 29 euros. When traveling to Nepal, you can easily find a small pocket english-nepalese dictionnary to complete your kit in order to learn the language.


Your knowledge of Nepal will improve with time and interaction. For travelers wishing to go further in learning Nepali, we also suggest you go to Pokhara to receive language lessons with Prem, an experienced Nepali teacher. Note that the courses are taught in English and are in private. You can also get language courses for only 10 euros/ hours).


The Nepali school (Cosmic Brontosaurus School) is located at the end of the Lake Side Road, near the french restaurant Le Panomarix. Learn Nepalese school in Pokhara. Learn nepali language in Nepal with a private teacher of Nepal. We suggest you do at least 10 lessons of the book “Learn Nepalese” before leaving for Nepal. Then continue your learning with Prem in Pokhara



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