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The whole E-Book in .pdf and recordings (4 hours) is available now. You can order it now and save 80% of the normal price (99 US). Make your payment online now and make sure to be the first to learn Nepali.


1 -. Make payment of  19,99 US (in few days 99.99)



2 -. After payment by Paypal, you will be redirected on a section of our website where you will be able to download the .zip document.

3 -. You will send a message to an email adress given in this section and recieve an automatic message tellling you the code and the place where you can download the whole Book and Recording

4 -. Your study of the Nepali language then begin !


- you plan a travel to Nepal

- you want to have a real contact with nepalese

- you have (want) a nepalese boyfriend or girlfriend

- you work with nepalese people in your home town

- you are interested in Hinduism or Buddhism

- you travel a lot

- you will do volounteer work in Nepal

- you are a trekker and like adventure


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ORDER HERE your course of nepali