“In”, “to”, “at” in Nepali

In Nepali, there is an important concept called postposition. While English use small word placed before the words it accompanies, Nepali uses a different way. There fore we talk about “postposition” when referring to small words that are added to the word it accompanies. “-maa” is one of them.

Postposition “–maa(मा):” this very frequent postposition means “to,” “in,” “at.” Like all the postpositions, it is located at the end of the word. We can form expressions such as “dui māhinā-maa - दुर्इ महिनामा – in two months,” “gaaũ-maa - गाँउमा – in the village,” “ghār-maa - घरमा – at home,” “kitaab-maa - किताबमा }– in the book.”

a) mā ghār-maa khaanchhu. I eat in the house. म घरमा खान्छु ।

b) tāpaï pokhāraa-maa bāsnuhunchhā. You live in Pokhara. तपार्इ पोखरामा बस्नुहुन्छ ।

c) chiyaa tābul-maa chhā. The tea is on the table. चिया टेबलमा छ ।

d) yo chitaa cup-maa rakhnus. Put the tea in the cup. यो चिया कपमा राख्नुस् ।

e) mā ek hāptā-maa france-maa pheri jaanchhu. I will return to France in one week. म एक हप्तामा फ्रान्समा फेरी जान्छु ।

f) wāhã biswā bidyalaya-maa kaam gārnuhunchhā. He/She works at the university. वहाँ विश्वविधालयमा काम गर्नुहुन्छ ।