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“How” in Nepali

Question words are very important when learning a new language. Nepali also has these interrogative adjectives and the travelers should take some time to learn them. “kasto” is one of them and means “how”.

kāsto (कस्तो): We presented this interrogative adverb during the previous lessons. Here are some examples that we already encountered in our first five lessons. a) tāpaïlaï kāsto chhā? How are you (how is it to you)? तपार्इलार्इ कस्तो छ ? b) kāsto raamro ! How great! कस्तो राम्रो ! c) nepaali bhaasaa kāsto chhā? How is the Nepalese language? नेपाली भाषा कस्तो छ ? d) tāpaïlaï aajā kāsto chhā ? How are you today? तपार्इलार्इ आज कस्तो छ ? e) tāpaï-ko ghār kāsto chhā ? How is your house? तपार्इको घर कस्तो छ ? f) ārnākot kāsto chhā ? How is Arnakot? अर्नकोट कस्तो छ ?

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