Learn Nepali - Adjectives in Nepali

Grammar of Nepali

Adjectives ending in « -o » can be changed according to the gender masculine «-o» or feminine «-i » or if it is plural «-a». Some adjectives derived from Sanskrit into Hindi and has no inflections. This is the case « asal - good » that we can change to say « asal keta - good boy » and «asal keti - good girl » or with the plural form « asal gauleharu - good villagers ».

Some Nepali suffix marks the creation of word that become adjectives. This is the case suffixes « -ilo » that can be used to change words like « has - smile » in « hasilo - smiling.'' The suffix''- li '' has the same value and can create adjectives with nouns. We can therefore form the word « gorkhali - in connection with the Gurkhas ».

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