Grammar of Nepali Language

Postposition in Nepalese Language

Postposition: In English, we know that the prepositions are placed before the words. We say « with my friend », « from France », « about you ». In Nepalese, they are placed after the word they determine and because of this, they are called postpositions. During the preceding lessons we had a first contact with some of these as « -maa », meaning « in, to » and «sângâ» meaning «with». Thus, we have the words « pokhârâ-maa – in Pokhara », « shâhâr-maa – in the town », « hotel-maa – inside the hotel » et « france-maa – in France » or «tâpaï-sângâ – with you». In written language, postpositions are attached to the word they follow. There are lots of postpositions in Nepalese, some of them follow: a) -baaTâ /dekhi from b) -sângâ with c) -tirâ towards/to d) -sâmmâ up to/till e) -maa in/at/on f) –ko bâremâ about/regarding g) –ko laagi for