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Nepali Phrasebook

Sent directly from Nepal (2-4 weeks to receive—normally 2)


Sagarmatha Nepali

Survival Phrase book English to Nepali

By J.R Joshi



The author has been writing Nepali phrasebooks and other materials for foreigners interested in learning Nepali since 1995. He has also taught  Nepali for a long time including Peace Corps Programme. J.R. Joshi has an M. Ed in English language and has also written study guides for Nepalese students of English.


More about Nepali phrasebook :


· Pronounciation of Nepali

· Greetings in Nepali

· A little about gramar

· Family relations

· English dictionnary

· A great companion for your travel in Nepal


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Books and dictionnaries

Books, and ressources to learn Spoken or Written Nepali


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10 lessons in .pdf and 4 hours of audio material in .mp3 - A great and cheap way to learn to speak Nepali for English speaker (Native or Non-Native)


Nepali Grammar


Adjectives in nepalese language

Coordination conjunctions in Nepali

Expression of feelings in Nepali language

Gender in nepalese word

« How »

How much and how many

Negative questions in Nepalese

Nominal and verbal inflections of the Nepali language

Nominal inflections in nepalese language

The plural in Nepal

There is / There are in Nepali

The postpositions in Nepali

           * « in », « to », « at » in Nepali

              * « wihtout » in Nepali

              * « with » in Nepali

The cases of the Nepali language

Repetition of interrogative particules

Subordinating conjunctions in Nepali

Words order in Nepali


Nepalese Verbs


« I need » in Nepali

« I like » in Nepali

« I want to ... » in Nepali

The verb "to have" in Nepali

The verb "to be" in Nepali

Present-futur tense in Nepali

Phrases using two verbs in Nepali

The terminaison in present with « you »

Terminaison in present with « I »

The terminaison in present with « we »

Verbal inflections in Nepali

Verbs in Nepali